The Sensory Room

Sensory Room

Sensory rooms have been proven to be extremely helpful to children and adults with Autism and other additional needs. It isn’t all just about lights though. Different colours, textures, smells, and sounds are all highly beneficial in aiding people with a range of disabilities, as well as supporting the development of younger children.


Our bespoke sensory room is a simple set up but covers a wide range of sensory stimulation. We spent a lot of time researching the benefits and different equipment available and are very proud of what we have achieved with it!


The room was hand painted by Anna and Mhairi with two distinct feature walls, a Rainbow Wall and a Night Ocean Wall. Each features different colours and textures allowing the user to immerse themselves in either a bright and vibrant environment, or a calm and relaxing one.


The Rainbow Wall features a bold repeating pattern of 6 bright colours evenly spaced along the whole length. A large bright orange play mat located down the far length of this wall helps to give extra depth as well as a safe place for the play den.


The Night Ocean Wall was created using a combination of 6 different blues mixed and matched to create a very tranquil night sky with glittering stars, and an ocean with shimmering waves. The Night Ocean Wall has different textures too created by both the glitter and the layered paints. Mirrors give the wall extra depth and reflect the various light chains beautifully.


We have a range of lighting features operated by remote control which provide both visual and physical stimulation. The fibre-optic ceiling lights are set into black tiles and give the appearance of the Northern Lights, which works stunningly with the Night Ocean Wall. Two fibre-optic “shower-harnesses” coming off the ceiling provide a dramatic yet tranquil separation of the room and adds a little extra magic when you first walk in. Fibre-optic play mats on the floor, clear harness, and colourful knotted harnesses are fantastic additions to our sensory room as they are safe for children to handle and move about on.


Alongside theses fixed features we have a bubble tower lamp and colour changing mood lamp with 4 different sound settings, bean bags and cushions, a balance cushion, and a range of sensory and cognitive toys. Our most recent addition is a scent feature. The room now smells of cotton candy!


Sensory Room